Older Americans Keep Telling Us They Like Using Health Care Technology… So Why Don’t We Believe Them?


We told you so (four years ago)! "Data show that elderly Americans are using more tech, in their lives and in health care." Read about it here.

“As I mentioned above, my mother was an avid user of her iPad, and several years ago starting calling my kids regularly through FaceTime. Through this connection, she built strong relationships with both of my young children, relationships that made in-person visits even more rewarding.

She was at the forefront of the trend that has been occurring all across the country: older Americans are increasingly making technology a part of their lives. In fact, the Pew Research Center found that 82%j of Americans ages 65-69, and 75% of Americans aged 70-74 use the internet. Of those that do get online, 75% say they do so daily and 10% say that they are constantly online.

This increase in technology use has occurred in health care as well."