Four Things You Can Do: Verify, Monitor, Prepare and Respond

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 30, 2020 — In Silicon Valley, companies are responding to the coronavirus. Facebook and LG have terminated all corporate travel to China and Apple has begun closing retail stores. But Silicon Valley startup Vytality Health is helping the public respond with their Rapid Response Epidemic Tool to assist individuals and organizations with coronavirus news updates. (Vytality Health’s Rapid Response Tool - http://bit.ly/coronavirustool)

“It’s challenging in today’s environment, to navigate our emotions about the coronavirus and take action without a simple way to process the news,” said Minda Aguhob, Co-Founder & CEO of Vytality Health. “That’s why Vytality Health has developed a rapid response tool for individuals and organizations to sort & verify coronavirus updates, and quickly decide how to monitor, prepare and respond—so we can help ourselves and also one another.

The Vytality Health Rapid Response Tool For Coronavirus enables everyone to establish a protocol for managing their response to this recent global health emergency. The three things you can do include: 1) Verify news and information sources, 2) monitor and prepare to respond, and 3) actively prepare and respond within 1-2 days, while helping others to respond.

Minda Aguhob, Co-Founder & CEO of Vytality Health, speaks about the growing Co-Caring movement at the United Nations and on This Week in Startups.

(United Nations -- http://bit.ly/VytalityUN

This Week in Startups podcast -- http://bit.ly/VytalityTWIS)

The Co-Caring movement believes that we are all caregivers and care receivers, and capable of taking care of one another, regardless of age, ability or circumstance. “We’re much more likely to achieve our goals when we share them and seek support from others. Co-caring is changing the world,” said Aguhob. Vytality Health has created a social support platform for co-caring, where we—including elderly, disabled, caregivers and all patients—can help one another be healthier and accomplish our goals.

Vytality Health is a social support platform for co-caring where people can document their health & wellness journeys while sharing deep, authentic support. We help build people’s personalized circles of support so we can all have transformative health and wellness.

Read about and download the Rapid Response Tool for Coronavirus here at http://bit.ly/coronavirustool.


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