Vytality Health and The Co-Caring Initiative are building new ways communicating among organizations, community and family and friends to build on-the-ground support for well-being and vitality that's accessible to all.

CEO & Co-Founder

Trained as a data scientist in education and healthcare, Minda discovered her passion for community- and data-driven peak performance while competing in her first triathlon. Her experience serving seniors and disabled folks after Hurricane Sandy and as a traumatic brain injury patient cemented her determination to provide a powerful solution for patients and elderly. She believes in the power of "humanizing" technologies as one of the most powerful ways to transform the lives of all, regardless of age, ability or resources.



Scott is a highly sought coach and serial entrepreneur who masterfully builds environments and cultures that empower people, having led PayPal’s Agile transformation and taken a company public. Developing people's capacities at the intersection of individual/team performance and mindfulness, Scott is known for generating new levels of personal success and business performance for companies from major corporations to startups.


Chief Technology Officer

Troy's healthcare IT background includes five years of building and designing multiple healthcare data platforms, including an app and beacon system currently being implemented at Oschner Healthcare in Louisiana. A serial entrepreneur, Troy's startups have been acquired by companies like Zillow. His company built Gymfarm, a revolutionary product using iBeacon technology.


Vytality and our creative philosophy @ Creative Intelligence Podcast with James Ingram

Jonathan Metzl, MD, PhD, Professor, Vanderbilt University. Director of the Center for Medicine, Health, and Society

Nirmal Choradia, MD, Senior Medical Director - Health Policy, Acumen, LLC

Kara Carter, California Health Care Foundation, former McKinsey Partner, Healthcare

Susan Lucas-Conwell, Executive Vice President, CSIRO | former CEO & Board Advisor of Silicon Valley Forum

Luis Ramos, Business Development, Mission Economic Development Agency

John Degaetano, SBDC Business Advisor & Artistic Director - North Bay Stage Company

Glamis Haro, Business advisor, Columbia Business School SBDC

Edward Fishkin, MD, Medical Director and former interim CEO, NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation

Christina Laskowski, Senior Advisor and Consultant, Alquemie Partners

Jim O'Brien, former Foundation Relations, University of Technology Sydney. Renown fundraising and program development expert

Denny Rojas, Venture Lawyer, Halloran Farkas + Kittila LLP

Jonard Larosa, Advisor

Aezha Casco, Design Director

Josselyn Hui, UX Designer

Thomas Truong, UX Designer


iOS developer Shawn Patel has built multiple award-winning health apps.

I’m really passionate about creating technologies that can advance the medical field so that everyone can be safer and healthier.

James Wilson, Advisor, former Facebook Data Scientist

Ben Aarons, MS, Data Science Advisor

Guilherme Nascimento, Advisor

Kevin Hom, Lead Developer

Guilherme Nascimento, Advisor, full stack Android and iOS developer

Shawn Patel, Advisor & award-winning iOS Developer

Kevin Hom, Lead Developer

Grant Draper, Innovation & Research Advisor

Aezha Casco, Design Director

Rhys Pritchett, Innovation Cartographer