Co-Caring FAQ

General Info

What is The Co-Caring Initiative's mission and purpose?

The Co-Caring Initiative is growing a dynamic, innovative network of caring leaders dedicated to working together to support vulnerable groups such as women, immigrants and low-wage labor in the U.S. in partnership with others.

Our mission is to create a world that is connected, well-cared for and vital through humanitarian assistance and innovative educational programs that help people build alliances across cultural and geographic divides.

Is The Co-Caring Initiative a 501c3?

Co-Caring Corp is a tax-exempt 501c3 public charity ( federal tax ID # 87-2573050) that formed in Sept 2021.

Who leads The Co-Caring Initiative?

Minda Aguhob, CEO (LinkedIn)

Yama Bassam, CFO (LinkedIn)

Scott Forgey (LinkedIn) & Grant Draper (LinkedIn), Board of Directors

Where are your filings?

A 990 is in the process of being filed and submitted for August 2022.