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The Prosperity Code is how changemakers can find the most direct path to meaningful prosperity.


Rapidly develop ideas, teams and partnerships that change the world, anywhere.

Participants 10x their impact by discovering what brings all-around prosperity for them. The innovative, online curriculum and practice are informed by agile business practice, sustainable finance and mindfulness. And the remote, online program includes 1:1 coaching, weekly classrooms, and technical advisory.

Find the most direct path to prosperous results in only 6 weeks with The Prosperity Code, a mindfulness leadership practice for changemakers. For more information, see below or schedule a call with us at


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"During The Prosperity Code program, two large clients came to me out of the blue with deeply meaningful projects for full-time work. I learned that I catalyze energy and ideas into something others can build from. This revelation has saved me so much time, as it gave me the freedom to choose only meaningful work that's aligned with the seeker, counselor, creative, and devoted humanitarian I am."

–Heidi Jo Wayco-Berden, Freelance writer & editor

"I’ve completed two cohorts of this program, and the results have been profound. If you have an idea or a concept that you are passionate about but you’re in the chasm between passion and results, the program will accelerate your iterations, create focus on what’s important to do next in each moment, and leave you with a mental model and specific skills."

–A.S., Tech employee and stealth climate tech inventor

"I am immensely grateful for the guidance and support I received during The Prosperity Code program. Your program enabled me to launch my tax business, where I found inspiration and a passion for serving families with special needs. As I expand my team and hire new talent, I am filled with gratitude and eager anticipation for our continued impact. Thank you!"

–Yama Bassam, Managing Director, A.Y.Bassam & Co. LLP

"A lot of things will never leave my mind again. When I go for a run, I do a 1-minute intention meditation – and that makes [the run] so easy. When I think about a new project (and there's literally 20 projects in my head every day) I'm like: Do I have the resources? Do I have the operations? Do I have the funding? Do I know the team that I need?"

–Anne-Kathrin Lueckhoff, Business consultant